Ph.D. Projects

For the current state of AIG research student projects, see the group web pages at: Advanced Interfaces Group

Nicolas Gaborit, investigating the generation and use of virtual cityscapes for distributed public consultation in urban design.
Behaviour in VEs.
Sylvain Daubrenet, looking at high-level ways for programming activity for virtual environments - bringing the world to life.
Network strategies for VEs.
Ashwin Beeharee, researching methods for making distributed shared worlds seem the same for everyone, even though network delays mean that is impossible.
Platform architectures.
James Marsh, on an object architecture that allows the entities in an environment to decompose into component facets. The aim is to allow objects to migrate between environments that impose different behaviours on their contents. The approach provides a platform for rapid specification of object properties.

PhD Postgraduate students over the years

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