Air Con Baffle

Nothing to do with plastering.

This is a "baffle" to go in the fireplace so the ac unit can vent hot air into the chimney.

The difficulty is that the a/c unit blows quite hard, so if you dont get a reasonable seal than

  • Hot air leaks into the room
  • Soot is loosened and blown into the room. Not much, but enough to be a nuisance.

To get a seal, the baffle has a sliding component which pushes up into the fire hood, and a push-fit secondary baffle at the top which wedges against the hood to form a seal. Draft proofing around the inside of the baffle makes a tight joint.

As the hardboard gets fairly warm, we avoid heat reentering the room by radiation by using a polystyrene and foil liner is glued to the inside of the baffle.